Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

smoked turkey

This year’s Thanksgiving culinary mission was to smoke the turkey, as opposed to a traditional roast technique (as employed for the inaugural Jersey City Friendsgiving feast, see below):

Roast Turkey

Or a slightly more radical deep-fry of the holy bird (see last year’s post):

Roast Turkey

Though this year’s bird was to be smoked in the Weber Smokey Mountain.

I brined the turkey overnight, then patted the bird down dry (while removing giblets, and all that other junk). Rubbing that bird real smooth with a homemade blend of cayenne, black pepper, garlic powder, and salt, I stuffed in with some citrus-infused aromatics – fresh apple and orange slices – topped with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, and dazzled extra virgin olive oil on the skin.

It was a beautiful fall, Thanksgiving day. Mild and sunny with some leaves still perched to their branches – perfect day for smoking a bird.

and rested the bird on the bottom grate, atop a plume of smoke fuming from a heap of soaked pecan wood chips:

smoked raw turkey

Five hours later, here’s a video my pops took, as we pulled both turkey and baked mac n cheese off the Weber:

Here’s a close-up of that succulent bird:

smoked turkey

And that golden mac n cheese (see full recipe here).

Mac n Cheese


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