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Cheryl’s Fight Against Heroin

Last April, one of my best friends from childhood, George Stankov died after being electrocuted by the third rail of a Times Square subway station after an apparent heroin relapse. Ever since his tragic death, his mom Cheryl (who I regard as a second mother) has responded to the vice that buried her son by helping addicts like her lost son get help and find treatment.


Bacon Mac N’ Cheese

Mac n’ cheese is a comfort food well-rooted into American culinary tradition, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at any BBQ or Thanksgiving dinner. Combining a trifecta of cheeses with some diced jalapeños for a punch of picante, and topped with breadcrumbs and a blanket of crispy bacon, just one bite of this delectable dish will leave you longing for a bowlful.


Smoked Baby Back Ribs

With smoked BBQ wings successfully added to the books, I set out to accomplish a slightly more advanced gastronomic endeavor: smoked baby back ribs. To my surprise, ribs were far easier to pull off than I had imagined, with a mouthwatering end-result.