Conor Norris

Making Moves Since '89

Verizon Swallows AOL

Verizon’s $4.4B purchase of media giant AOL is a strategic move to compete with Facebook and Google in the lucrative industry of mobile advertising.


Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Check out this #winning pulled pork recipe, created for Super Bowl XLIX. Pork shoulder, slow cooked with an IPA beer, lots of BBQ sauce, and choice spices.


New Year’s Resolutions

It takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment to break your old habits and establish new ones, but in an effort to keep the forward momentum going into 2015, I figured it would be worthwhile to share some of my resolutions for this year.


Crispy Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

This fall marked the third consecutive Thanksgiving that I’ve tagged up with my longtime pal, Matty, aka Matty Mustang, to serve up a crispy cajun deep fried turkey.


Vegetable Noodle Soup

With the depths of winter rapidly approaching, and temperatures plummeting to polar vortex figures, I figured this weekend would be an opportune occasion to whip up some vegetable noodle soup for the soul.


Sango: Just a Kid from Seattle

This Sango mix is a prime cut of a laid-back genre ranging from handcrafted beats, hip hop loops, and head-nodding remixes that leave you longing for more.

Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat: MoMA PS1 Mix

I’ve been picking up on this cat by the name of Cashmere Cat over the past few months. You’ve probably heard his Do You remix while browsing at your local Victoria’s Secret, a track that is really the tip of the iceberg after you get a feel for this artist’s mixing creativity.