Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

Ah, Mexico. Visions of playas, guacamole, cerveza and tequila usually come to mind. Cabo San Lucas (better known as simply Cabo) is one of the many tourist destinations that Mexico offers, lavish with all-inclusive hotels that serve up delicious piña coladas and infinity pools. Though many people aren’t aware of the region’s marvelous rock formations, stunningly beautiful beaches and massive waves.

Waves Crashing


I had the fortune of flying down to Cabo for a three-night stay with my sister, which included plenty of R&R on the beach, as well as piña coladas at the pool bar. My favorite moment was walking down the beach and stumbling upon a group of native youths fearlessly skimboarding the humongous waves that tourists weren’t allowed to get within 20 feet of.

Locals Skimboarding

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