Big Gigantic Mix

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As a CU alum, I’m slightly biased to say, but I’m damn proud to say it – I’m a BIG, Big Gigantic fan. The saxophonist/DJ tandem embody the musical pride of Boulder, CO.

I recall a rowdy college night, most certainly a Tuesday, I was hanging out at the ole Goose with friends and classmates, purveying the drink specials. A young DJ (presumably a student), sporting a backwards Rockies cap, was playing a medley of dubstep and hip hop tunes, which the crowd was jamming out to on the patio. Later on in the night, the legendary Big Gigantic duo, Dom (who wails on the sax) and Jeremy (who spins the beats), surprised all patrons, and began playing a live set. It was an unforgettable night, one that will forever inform my college experience. In case you were concerned, I did attend my 9am Latin American history class the following morning, and had the two-page writing assignment ready to go.

That memorable night was back in the fall of 2010 (if I recall correctly), and the Boulderites have since gained a nationwide following by tearing up the summer festival circuit, and recently opening up for Bassnectar at Madison Square Garden. This Big Gigantic mix is a dead-on match of the banger set they played at MSG, with remixes including I Need A Dollar and Can I Get A.

I’ve had this one on repeat for the past few days, and will be sneaking it on to house party playlists for months to come:

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